The Big Chop

I have to say I had the big chop before it even had a name. I did it at the end of my 8th grade year and 4 years of high school with no relaxers. What today is call “going natural”. Being a curly girl is not easy. There are a lot of different products out there that may work for you or may not. How your hair feels and looks. I had another big chop in 2016 as seen in the picture. So short all I had to do was wash it and go but again “Going natural” is not easy. There are outside elements that tend to persuade you back to the relaxers, wigs, braids, and weaves. Time and management are a few that tend to make me have these big chops every couple of years. There are tons of articles about porosity, density, curl typing to find the right products and you should read them. Some are very scientific, and some are general but what everything boils down to is how your hair feels and looks to you. The products that we sell are all excellent products, in fact we have tried them out ourselves. I want to introduce you to these brands. I hope that this helps you to venture out and try them.

Starting with Nu-Gro Naturals.  Nu-Gro Naturals works for both men, women, and children. The children’s line is for children 6 months to 12 years. Nu-Gro Naturals product line consist of the Triple Thick Shampoo, Moisturizing conditioner, Hair-gro oil free spray, and Moisturizing spray, and hair-gro oils. These products can quickly grow, thicken and heal damaged hair.  If you are looking to grow your hair longer or have some thinning spots these products will help.

Katii McKinney