Strengthening and Growth

When you want to get in shape for a vacation, a new year’s resolution, or an upcoming party to wear that one outfit you been dying to get into, you take all the necessary steps to make it happen. You start eating right and exercising daily. You plan out your timeline, watch every YouTube video, and research every article you can find. You plan it down to the very last detail and count every calorie you can to hit your goal. Nothing is done last minute. Taking care of your hair and skin should be the exact same. I know everyone is busy, some with school and work. Sometimes things just pop up. I fall in that category too. My goal this year is to grow my hair out. Learn to appreciate its beauty and attitude. Yes, my hair has her own attitude. I attended the Curly Girl Picnic this past weekend sponsored by the Co report at SXSW in Austin, Texas. I was excited especially spending time with my girls learning more about products and techniques. I saw several beautiful crowns that my baby crown and I inspire to be. Big, bold, and beautiful. One of the product lines that is helping me to do so is TruLuxe.

TruLuxe is an all-natural product line. The two products we carry currently from their line is Untie the knot nourishing leave-in conditioner and Hi! Definition curl enhancer styling gel. Both products are H2O and Aloe Vera based and are specially formulated for all curl patterns from wavy to the tight spirals. Untie the knot has natural properties that strengthen the weak points that can be found in the round of the curl and with these weak points strengthened this allows you to retain length from growth you have. The Hi! Definition gel is a high-performance curl definer that helps you achieve a long-lasting definition and shine. Both products help maintain moisture which is one of the many issues that curly girls have along with breakage. Especially for me here in the South. So give these products a try, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Katii McKinney