An Example

When you were in school, teachers always would give you an example to follow to solve a problem or to learn a new rule. Some examples are straight forward, and some take some time to figure out. As a parent or even some one older you are setting an example. You could be setting a good one or a bad one. Whether you know it our not you are setting one. Someone is always watching. The picture along with this post is of my husband and my son. Can you tell which one is which? That is probably an easy question but maybe not. They did not see me taking the picture and this became one of my favorite pictures. That falls in line with someone is always watching. Leading by example is a hard task because no one is perfect. We fail sometimes. We can only do the best we can but always do your best. What kind of example are you setting? Is it one to be followed and imitated? Here is a challenge, think of a way to set a good example at work, at school, or at home.

Katii McKinney