The Struggle

The Weekly Real is something that I wanted to have to display a positive message and ties into life that everyone can relate to. This week I want to have some audience participation. I pose this question, what are you struggling with? Post on our Facebook page your answer. There are no right or wrong answer, no judgement, no quiz. Be friendly, like kindergartners on their first day making friends.

The Webster definition of struggle

1.      :to make strenuous or violent efforts in the face of difficulties or opposition.

2.     :to proceed with difficulty or with great effort.

Its been a while since I had to look up definitions but looking this up put my perspective of struggling different than how I had it was defined in my head. Strenuous and violent were not the words I was thinking. More along the lines of difficult. Some struggle to get up in the morning to go to work. Some struggle to get kids up to go to school. Sometimes, I struggle with those and even with decisions I make. I find that maybe I am not asking myself why it is a struggle? What is the cause of it and how can I change it, do I want to change it? Sometimes, you may not realize it is even a struggle until someone points it out to you. Maybe the struggles you are going through is the pressure you need to turn you into the diamond you are meant to be.

Katii McKinneyComment