Growing into your style

Its twins (shock sets in) Its identical girls! That is what I was told 12 years ago. Then panic sets in about raising twins and a 6-year-old boy. Over the years, I have learned as a mother that I set the example for all my children. I am the one they look to for comfort, for approval, for leadership, for spiritual guidance, and sometimes for laughter. Raising children is not an easy task. It is a role that you cannot take lightly. But raising identical twins, I was able to witness two carbon copies grow into their sense of style and what it means to them. They are only twelve and not yet teenagers but seeing how they differ on some aspects and how they are also the same in others is an amazing thing. When they were younger, I was the one dressing them albeit sometimes the same (some will say I shouldn’t, but I am a rebel). I loved to see them in the same outfits, they were so cute. With little ribbons and little braids. They have always been natural but when they started school, I wasn’t able to shelter them from outside influencers and like most naturals I had to lead by example. I started doing edgy styles, two strand twists, and others to boost their confidence in what their hair meant and what it could do. They have since found their own styles and are still improving on them as they grow. They ventured out to crochet braids, weaves, high puffs, afros, and wigs. My son with the fades, Mohawks, high tops, braids, and now he is interested in LOCs. It is never to late to recreate yourself, to experiment with your style and grow into and beyond it and be fierce as my girls would say.

 Are you growing into your style?

Katii McKinney