Super Hydrating Beard Kit

Super Hydrating Beard Kit


What a perfect beard care kit for you or a friend by Gryt. Get the All-star team of washes & conditioners. These beard care kits make great beard gift sets or help you get the most bang for your buck. 

+Super hydrating beard wash

+Deep massaging beard conditioner

+Rum Punch beard balm

+Super Damp beard serum

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Beard Wash- includes tea tree oil and peppermint to promote growth and to kill beard bacteria.

Beard Conditioner- includes tea tree oil and peppermint to promote growth and to kill bacteria lodged in your beard.

Beard Balm- Our Rum Punch Beard Balm™ is a daily skin and beard moisturizer that acts as an outstanding anti-itch & conditioner to promote new growth. Contains aloe vera and a supreme combo of essential oils to soothe and protect.

Beard Serum- Agave nectar helps to retain moisture. This is a soothing fizz-free beard product that will give your beard a shine for the entire day.


Wash, condition, balm or dampen!

[1] Wash [every 7-10 days]:

Wet beard completely. Pour a dime to quarter sized dollop of shampoo into the palm of your hand. Massage in, work through your hair, covering the entire hair shaft from root to tip. Rinse with cool water.

[2] Condition [every 7-10 days]:

Use only once week because of it's super conditioning powers (otherwise it may cause dryness). Apply to clean wet hair. Leave on for 1 to 5 minutes.

[3] Balm [for daily hold & moisture]:

Warm the balm in between your fingers by rubbing them together. Gently apply the balm to your slightly damp beard with your fingers and massage it in. Use a comb to then evenly distribute the balm if needed.

[3] Dampen [for daily hold & moisture]:

Formulated to keep your beard moist and shiny around the clock. Also great after a fresh baldy or perhaps just use as a leave in conditioner for not only your beard also apply after a fresh fade.


Not for use in or around eye area.

Step 3:

Studies have shown that anyone can benefit by using step 3. Use Super Damp or our Beard Balm every day. Extra dry beards may quench Super Damp..the choice is yours!!