Age Defying Face Kit (JV)

Age Defying Face Kit (JV)


JV Age Defying Face Kit contains two essential daily skin care products that work to give you a smooth, clear, clean complexion. It is designed to work quickly and effectively and is the perfect introduction into the Gryt line. Great for dry skin.

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Junior Varsity line includes 2 steps Wash + Moisturize.

5AM face wash- is a gentle PH balanced face wash designed with sensitive skin in mind.

Go Anti-oxidant face lotion- Rejuvenate your skin with powerful antioxidants from organic vitamins and oils. This lightweight moisturizer helps hydrate, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and leaves skin feeling silky smooth. A daily age-defying essential for all skin types. 

This product is not watered down and is highly concentrated. A little goes a long way.

Vegan| Paraben-Free| Phthalate-Free| Gluten-Free| Cruelty-Free

Morning routine [only wash once a day]:

Apply 5AM face wash with lukewarm water. Lather for 10-20 seconds & rinse. Next; pat dry and apply GO face lotion. [Apply around a nickel sized amount of 5AM Face wash & a dime size of GO moisturizer it all depends on your skin type.]

Night routine:

Gently wash face with only lukewarm water; next pat dry & apply GO face lotion. [Apply a dime or nickel sized amount depending on the dryness of your skin].