Age Defying Face Kit (V)

Age Defying Face Kit (V)


Varsity Age Defying Face Kit for those perfectly seasoned men over 35 contains three essential daily skin care products for that smooth, clear, clean complexion. This kit contains the same great face wash and moisturizer found in the JV line but also includes the Anti-Aging serum Reup that helps exfoliate the skin. Great skin for great men!

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This Varsity line is a simple and systematic process that consists of three steps to help combat adult acne problems, razor bumps, and exfoliation.

Wash + Moisturize + Protect.

5AM face wash- is a gentle PH balanced face wash designed with sensitive skin in mind.

Go Anti-oxidant face lotion- Rejuvenate your skin with powerful antioxidants from organic vitamins and oils. This lightweight moisturizer helps hydrate, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and leaves skin feeling silky smooth. A daily age-defying essential for all skin types.

REUP anti-aging night serum- its exfoliating powers are that incredible and are key to alleviating acne and hyperpigmentation. Avoid over exfoliation! On use once or twice a week.

Vegan| Paraben-Free| Phthalate-Free| Gluten-Free| Cruelty-Free

This product is not watered down and is highly concentrated. A little goes a long way.


Wash +Moisturize+ Prevent

Morning routine [only wash once a day]:

Apply 5AM face wash with lukewarm water. Lather for 10-20 seconds & rinse. Next; pat dry & apply GO face lotion. [Apply around a nickel sized amount of 5AM Face wash & a dime size of GO moisturizer it all depends on your skin type.

Night routine:

Gently wash face with only lukewarm water; next pat dry & protect with REUP exfoliating night cream [3] (apply a dime sized amount).

Only apply REUP 1 time a week. On the nights that you do not use
REUP just rinse your face with warm water and apply the GO face lotion.